BiKBBI Corporate Membership is a low cost and effective route to supporting the exciting aims and objectives of the UK's first and only government sanctioned institute, dedicated to the KBB industry.

Annual fee


Interest free Direct Debit option available

£49             one off set-up fee, followed by
£108.99(1)   per month (including VAT), for 11 months

(Fees above are excluding and subject to VAT, chargeable at the standard rate.)


(1) Direct Debit terms and conditions apply. Missed installments, or unauthorised cancellation of the Direct Debit instruction will result in additional charges. Applicants choosing the Direct Debit payment option agree to repayment of the full membership fee (£999+VAT), plus any additional charges incurred as a result of missed or cancelled payments. Details of the fees are published on the DD mandate.

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