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Our Charity

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We are proud to be working with and Corporate Members of The Furniture Makers' Company, The furnishing industry's charity.

The Furniture Makers' Company was formed originally as a guild in 1952, before being established as the 83rd livery company of The City of London in 1963.

Their charity, however, was established over 100 years ago as The Furnishing Trades Benevolent Association (FTBA), later known as The Furnishing Industry Trust (FIT), dedicated to helping people in the furnishing industry in times of hardship.

The Furniture Makers Company merged with FIT in 2013. During the same year, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary and was honoured with the grant of a Royal Charter, bestowing upon the Company and enviable status.

The Company now supports the industry in a number of ways, to include education, excellence and welfare.

Visit The Furniture Makers' Company website to find out more at www.furnituremakers.org.uk 

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