During the installation

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Installation day is here! Your installer will arrive and start preparatory work for your new installation.

It’s important that you make yourself available throughout the process in case key decisions need agreement. If you’re not planning on being there during the installation, make sure the installer has your contact details.


- The room of installation will be hazardous
- Unless necessary, all efforts should be made to stay out of the room
- Keep children away and remember their inquisitive nature
- Ingress into and out of the property may contain trip hazards... be aware!

Work with your installer

- Agree regular progress updates and in what format (email / phone / personal)
- Allow your installer to get on with the job
- Remember, things may look chaotic until the final few stages of installation
- Keep him/her fed and watered… a cup of tea and a biscuit will keep them happy!


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