Preparing for installation

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Once you’ve made your decision and appointed your installer, it’s important that you prepare for their arrival. Despite all efforts to keep disruption to a minimum, it is inevitable that your home will feel invaded for a while, so preparation is key!


A kitchen installation usually takes around a week to install, depending on the complexity of product and the type / amount of preparatory work needed before the install.

- Where will you store your kitchen content & equipment?
- Can you set up a makeshift kitchen elsewhere in the house?
- Have you organised eating and drinking provisions during the install?


Bathroom installation times vary, but again, most usually take around a week-to-10 days to complete. Installers will always attempt to leave toilet facilities overnight during the installation, but under exceptional circumstances, this may not be possible.

- Have you use of alternative washroom and toilet facilities?


Bedroom installations are usually far quicker experiences. A normall fitted bedroom, even with complex product, takes between 2-3 days. That said, the bedroom is an important place, so planning is crucial.

- Where will you store clothes?
- Will you be without a place to sleep?

And how about generally...

- Are there elderly, young or vulnerable residents in the home?
- Will they be adversely affected by inevitible dust, noise and disruption?
- Are your neighbours aware that there may be noise?
- Have you somewhere the installer can store waste during the installation?


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